My Role
Jun-Aug 2023

ADIDAS: Three Stripes, Many Stories

Brief: showcase sub-communities relevant to the Sydney region, driving in store engagement and supporting with a digital campaign.


In a world where we're so connected, are we really that connected at all? ADIDAS can become the opportunity for the human connection we crave: it's the link between the beach-lover in Coogee, the Eshay in Liverpool, and the inner-city mum.


Three Stripes, Many Stories


Ignite connections with our exclusive “Three Stripes, Many Stories” card deck. Customers will embrace thought-provoking questions, deepening bonds from football matches to house parties and everywhere in-between. Our kick-off event brings micro-creators from diverse Sydney sub-communities, drawing cards from the interactive 'shoe wall' and bridging worlds through conversation. Everyday visitors can also participate, fueling a digital curation effort and grassroots social campaign. Let's inspire others to walk their unique paths while celebrating the shared journey of the ADIDAS community.

*More information available upon request