Fossil Fuel Treaty

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Jul 2023

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty: We Love Fossil Fuels

Brief: The Paris Agreement doesn’t mention fossil fuels. The COP27 outcome didn’t mention oil and gas. It's time to drive action and start a conversation.


Australians don’t realise how much fossil fuel has infiltrated our culture


We Love Fossil Fuel: Let's show people how much they "love" fossil fuel, opening up a provocative dialogue about the Treaty.


What better way to drive action than taking people on a provocative, head turning journey to bring to light how much fossil fuels have infiltrated Aussie culture. Through a radio spot as well as social and out-of home campaigns, we’ll drive traffic to a website where Australians can discover how much they actually *do* love fossil fuels. A short questionnaire will show them how much fossil fuel funding is received by their favourite companies - from Surf Life Saving NSW to AFL teams to the Labour Party - along with a call to take specific action.

*More information available upon request