Google Pixel

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Jun-Aug 2023

Google Pixel: Let's see the stories all around us

Brief: showcase the Pixel as the smartphone for Gen Z by highlighting photography and technology as an extension of our humanity, not replacement for it.


Smartphones enable Gen Z to be more creative than ever. BUT they don't slow down enough to experience the magic all around them.


Let's see the stories all around us


We're launching a photo competition and exhibition, spotlighting the power of real-life stories from everyday people. Our goal is to showcase Gen Z’s visual storytelling talents and connect them with the Pixel. The winning entries will take center stage at the exhibition, offering an immersive experience into the entrants' journeys. Plus, four lucky winners will be featured in Google Pixel advertisements and 30-second videos as part of our grassroots campaign. Get ready to be moved by the beauty of the stories all around us!

*More information available upon request